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Fitness today has lost touch with long-term results and a deeper connection to how and why fitness benefits you in and out of the gym.

With the non-stop, quick fix, and fitness hype machine, fitness instructors have lost touch with why people wanted to get fit in the first place: to look, feel, and function better for a lifetime…to live an inspired life.

We do it differently here.

At OPEX Element 6 we provide Personalized Fitness Coaching to guide you to live an inspired life through fitness.


The OPEX Experience helps you define and live an inspired life through Personalized Fitness Coaching. That means that every client receives an Individually Designed Fitness Program from a Professional Coach while training with their community to live an inspired life in and out of the gym. The OPEX Experience ensures that:
  • You receive fitness workouts tailored for you
  • YOUR goals and desired results create the foundation of your Individually Designed Program
  • Safety is of utmost importance
  • Your assigned coach is professionally trained
  • Long-lasting results are possible

We do things differently here

WE’RE NOT PERSONAL TRAINERS. Unlike personal training, which is really just expensive “babysitting” that only gives you a daily workout, our coaches here at OPEX Element 6 deliver comprehensive and individually designed fitness experiences to each and every client for a fraction of the personal training price.

WE’RE NOT GROUP INTENSE FITNESS. Unlike group intense fitness, which is an over-hyped and templated quick fix often leading to burnout, we offer a unique Professional Coaching experience that delivers you a thoughtful and individualized training experience each and every day.

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