Power of Perception

Where does the body end and the mind begin? Where isn’t there consciousness? If indeed it’s all interconnected, as physics and experience have shown, then we are all in fact threads in a great fabric of a living universe, coexisting within and without itself, through the mirrors of perception. So let’s gaze a little deeper […]

6 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress Every Day

In our go, go, go world full of demands, we are all too familiar with the effects of long-term stress upon our health: irritability, fatigue, headaches, inability to concentrate, digestive issues, sleeping issues, and racing thoughts– just to name a few. When left untreated, long term stress can lead to bigger health problems like heart […]

How to Make Your Health and Fitness Goals Stick After January

January is always a special month. As we usher in the new year, the hope for a brighter future is  high.  People flock to spas, yoga studios and gyms with a fiery motivation to hit their goals and make this year  different from the last one.  But this motivation can be tough to sustain. All […]